Zoe-ism 101

This is the post excerpt.

Hello Reader (readers? Are there more than one of you?) Welcome to my blog. If you haven’t figured it out yet my name is Zoe and like many other young individuals I decided that the world needs to hear my opinion publically.

Already detecting sarcasm? You got it.

In all seriousness this going to another journal for me so if you enjoy reading my thoughts, please keep reading. As long as feedback is respectful (disagreeing is ok- but any inappropriate comments will be deleted), I’d love to hear comments. I often find listening to people teaches us more about ourselves than anything else. I started this blog because I want to share myself with people. I want to show people that we can really be authentically ourselves even in text format.

I’ve been told that I come off as a genuine but not politically correct. That should be a heads up for everyone- I am NOT trying to be offensive. I say things the way I see them. I have also been told that I write how I speak. I suppose that means a little jagged and all over the place. I can’t help it, my brain works faster than my mouth….and typing hands.

The blog is an ironic response to reading a book called Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. I felt that the book spoke to me and I decided to give blogging a try and see what happens. It has been an interest of mine after reading COUNTLESS of other blogs. It’s a bit romantic of me to read other peoples posts and relate to them to my human experiences but every blog post that I have read and reacted to I felt reassured and that I wasn’t alone. Big thank you to other bloggers. I don’t know if that was your intention but you made a difference in someone’s life.

Topics that will be discussed? Anything and everything that comes to this hyperactive brain of mine. I’m often a worry wart and over thinking. If you met me in person you might not realize that and think I’m very calm. One thing that happens as an emotional being is when you learn to control your emotions and anxieties it might come off as a calm. I only do this because I truly believe the mind gives power over the outcome of a situation. We are all accountable for our actions. I think if everyone really listened to one another the world would be a more peaceful place. In our society- we are so caught up in the individual self and what we want to make us whole but rarely do  we promote listening and taking things one day at a time. Time will sort everything out.

Anyway- there goes the hyperactive brain going from one topic to the next. I’ll continue the thought train another day. Welcome reader(s).